7 misconceptions about Spain and its customs

7 misconceptions about Spain and its customs

If you are not from Spain….how would you define is a Spaniard like? what do you know about Spaniards? Surely in your answer there will be many right answers but also wrong ones.Many movies and tv series had been spreading misconceptions and false topics about us Spaniards and now from ELCANO school we want to shed some light and see how evolves from there! each one can have its own conclusions!!! ☺

1-We are religious people and we always attend mass.Falsos topicos

Every large city, towns and many important people and famous public figures had shown a great deal of devotion for the holy week or world known “Semana Santa” among other celebrations that had been broadcasted worldwide. Spain is a country with freedom of religion when it comes to choose one and nowadays at least 15% of Spaniards attends regularly to mass and other religious rituals.

2-Every day is a holiday!
People take part in the Tomatina festival

True is that in our country nearly everything is a cause of celebration and happenings like the famous San fermines, las fallas, the Tomatina, bonfires are just a few known ones of an endless list! Realistically it would be almost impossible to see all of the parties happening every year all over Spain, however more than one daredevil had tried.
We as Spaniards enjoy the outdoors life and sitting in bars and cafes on the sidewalks so called “terrazas” and we do it all year round. It is true that we are known to do this but is also true that every morning we have to get up early and go to work.

3-We all love the bulls.

Falsos topicosFalsos topicos

This has been in the past years a topic of discussion and debate. Not everyone loves the idea of bull runs thus there are some regions such as Catalonia or Canary Islands where are now this event is been banned. Those who love bull runs use as argument that this is an art and belongs to the tradition and is patrimony of the nation. Those who are against it say that this is an unfair punishment for the animal and they are horrified to see the bulls suffering.

4-We love dancing flamenco and we all know how to dance it.

Falsos topicos

Flamenco has been always the most recognized dance outside Spain but besides of flamenco Spain holds a great other variety of dances belonging to many different regions of the country. The flamenco emerges from the south, in Madrid we found the “chotis” Catalonia has “the Sardana” Aragon “La Jota” and in Galicia “La Muneira”. Today in different part of Asia the number of academies and students that practice this art surpass the local ones. nevertheless, the percentage of those who know how to dance and play the Spanish guitar are much lower than the number assumed.

5-Every day we do the “Siesta”.Falsos topicos

We wish we all could do the siesta or nap every day! ☺That moment of relax and taking that time for yourself and very encouraged by health professionals is only the privilege of few! We leave this for a weekend after a large meal or banquet. The fact is that people every day at this time after lunch in the middle of the day is at work and as said this is a benefit of few. Some of these whom enjoy the siesta are those who work in split shifts.☺

These however are longer hours due to the fact that the commerce in Spain works in very large amount of overtime.

6-The paella is our typical dish and we drink sangria all the time.
Falsos topicos

In regards to this subject there is only one true, the paella is a typical dish originally not from Spain but from the Valencian community. Each region has its own typical dish. Another known dish would be the “Tortilla de patatas” which is a potatoes omelet typical from Extremadura. When it comes to the sangria, this is a popular beverage that we drink in summertime, the most favored are always the wine and the beer. There are another drink or beverages that are refreshing as well and known as the “gazpacho” and this drink will not give you a hungover next day.

7-In Spain we eat tacos.Falsos topicos

Of course we eat tacos in Spain also burritos and there are a lot of people who like them but this isn’t a dish from Spain but from Mexico! Sharing the language doesn’t mean that we have here Mariachis, tacos, tequila or wear their beach umbrellas “sombreros” or hats !!!!!!☺.


We could go on and on about the Spaniards stereotypes but we would love to hear what is your opinion on the subject! Are any of these true or false? Which one do you think are close or far from the true? Let us know in our Facebook and don’t forget to visit our school website and Instagram.

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