Santa Bárbara Castle

It is located on the Benacantil Mountain. It has a great estrategic value for its location -166m heigh above sea level. On its slopes archaeological remains from the Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman times have been found. the origin of the Castle that we see nowadays dates back to the end of the IX century, when the muslims were at the power. The name of Santa Bárbara was chosen because on the day of her festivity, December 4th, 1248, it was taken from the Arabs by the Infant Alfonso de Castilla, future KingAlfonso X el Sabio.

The legend of the Castle

Once upon a time, when muslims were at the power, an arabic king lived here. He had a lot of power, but at the same time he was a person with a great wisdom and magnanimity. His servants loved him and he was so lucky because he had a big family.

Among all his family members, he adored, above all, his daughter Cántara, a beautiful creature whom she treated with extreme sweetness. When Cántara grow up, a large number of suitors came to ask for her hand. The fame of her beauty had gone far, but also the one of the dowry that her father would give to the lucky husband.

Between all the young men who appeared at the castle gates, two stood out: Almanzor, a famous general from Córdoba; and Ali, less gifted in the arts of combat but of great beauty and romantic heart.

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