Elcano cultural program

Enjoy numerous activities offered by the school in the city of Alicante and its surroundings. Live unique experiences!

The best way to learn a language is not just by signing up for an intensive Spanish course. Below we offer acultural program in which you can expand all your knowledgeabout the language and culture, created by our team of teachers of the Elcano Spanish School in Alicante. Do not think about it and come sign up! You have plenty of options to choose from and we will make sure they are good for you…

We are specialized in Spanish activitiesfor foreign children from all around the world. We offer a lot of free activitieswhere you will feel integrated with other students in the city or native people that will offer themselves to make a linguistic exchange.

Our team takes care of everything, we will inform you about the itineraries, we will take care of your reservations to enter museums or parks, we will ensure that all activities are more inclusive and accessibleto any student with a disability, transport will be organized to carry out the activities and, when necessary, make appointments with official guides.

Live the moment to the fullest and join the languagethrough our cultural program created to make your time in Spain a unique and memorable moment.

Enjoy with our 100% in Spanish activities program and choose from a wide variety: