Drinks that are not well-known

Drinks that are not well-known

As we have already talked about “False spanish cliché”, we can also think about the amount of the clichés which are related to Spain. Most of these are referred to food or drinks, as people in Spain do not drink only sangría or beer.

Today we are going to talk about drinks in certain areas of Spain which you can order to see how they taste, and also smell their typical aroma. Let us just enjoy our gastronomy, which is one of the most important symbols of Spain.

We are starting!


1- Horchata de chufa. (a sweet non-alcoholic drink)

While you are enjoying nice weather it is recomendable to try horchata, which is made of a potato tuber. It is a refreshing valencian drink made of: water, sugar, cinammon, lemon peel, and, last but not least, the potato tuber. The potato tuber is a fruit which is grown in roots of a plant similar to hazelnuts. The horchata has its origin in the period of the Egyptian pharaos and it is considered to be an energetic and disinfectant.

In Alicante you can also enjoy Horchata which is very tasty as there are many craftsmen who produce Horchata in Jijona!


2- Tinto de verano.

We are continuing with other refreshing drinks, it means that we cannot miss ¨Tinto de verano¨. It is so simple, just combine red wine with soda, and that’s it!

¨Tinto de verano¨ is used to be served when people meet to eat some lunch in a restaurant during the hottest months. Without any doubts, it is a drink you cannot miss when you are in Spain in summer when it is so hot outside. 🙂




 3- Queimada.

Queimada has its origin in Galicia; a drink has curative effects as people drink it while saying an incantation. It is supposed to protect you from bewitching. However, it depends on your opinions and a way of thinking! Nevertheless, it seems to be something unique and worth to try at least once.

This is a YouTube link where you can see a preparation of the drink and the famous magic formula that used to be said while drinking it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QONcI27KoIg

We could be talking about many more typical drinks, and as such, we invite you to come to our school to try them.

We also want to ask you some questions! Did you already know about some of the food and drinks? Do you know about some others which are not so typical and they have not even been mentioned here? Have you tried it? Share your experience on our  Facebook.


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