J. S. Elcano School and the UCAM

J. S. Elcano School and the UCAM

J. S. Elcano School and the UCAM are working together since 2016 through a common goal: the promotion of education for international students through Spanish language courses, graduate courses, masters and doctoral degrees. Both organizations provide interesting offers for any student. Thanks to this collaboration, students can achieve interesting promotions and offers for the study programs. Through the UCAM for example, you can get a discount of the Spanish courses offered by Elcano School.

Spanish is one of the languages most spoken in the world! Come to the Elcano School to learn Spanish! We are waiting for you!


The UCAM, the Catholic University of St. Anthony of Murcia, is a private university founded in 1996 with a specific goal: to train students through a knowledge that is also useful for the society itself. The vision consists of human knowledge that can be extended through the research in order to expand the culture and the education of the society; all this through the Catholic Church’s point of view.

The campus is located in the Jeronimos Monastery, a 13th-century structure that covers an area of 225,000 square meters that has gardens, car parks and sport camps. The building is being characterized by large classrooms, libraries, auditoriums, public spaces, meeting points and technological equipment.

The UCAM organizes various types of graduate and postgraduate course, master and doctoral programs (pharmacy, medicine, psychology, social development, management and administration, engineering, marketing, sports science …).

The UCAM invests a lot in sports activities: it has a stadium and a fitness center that organizes many classes. The Murcia Municipal Building instead is specialized in football and basketball. Lots of famous athletes like Mireia Belmonte, Carolina Marin and Joel Gònzales had studied at UCAM in the past.







The School Juan Sebastián Elcano is a center of learning and is specialized in teaching Spanish to foreign students and is located in the heart of Alicante, which is one of the most demanded cities for studying Spanish. Our aim is to spread the Spanish language all over the world as also Juan Sebastian Elcano have done during his journeys.

The School is located in the central area of Alicante. It has a wide range of courses taught by qualified teachers who apply fun methods to learn Spanish interacting with culture in an easy and engaging way: the school offers the opportunity to attend Intensive courses, preparatory courses for DELE, group programs, courses for Erasmus students or individual classes tailored to the needs of each student.

The school also has large technologically equipped rooms with air conditioning and a projection room.

What the Juan Sebastian Elcano School offers is a real immersion into Spanish culture! In addition to the courses, there are different types of activities to allow the student to live the city in the best way. There is the possibility to practice sports, to visit museums and the most characteristic spots in Alicante or to taste and cook typical Spanish food.

The School cooperates with Spanish host families who offer accommodation in their houses and with who you will be able to practice the language. There is also the possibility to share a flat with other students.


. Murcia is located in the south east of Spain; the sun that characterizes the region makes a high quality of life. It offers many opportunities for fun thanks to the presence of rural areas and mountains where traditional culture is still alive. Many festivals and sports activities are also organized. Approximately one hour away from the city you can reach the Mediterranean coast, characterized by great beaches and clean sea.

There are many international students in Murcia; people are kind and hospitable and are accustomed for receiving many visitors. It is not an expensive city and you can easily find an apartment or a room to rent.

. Alicante is located in the southeast of Spain and is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. The good weather lets to live a healthy life. The inhabitants of Alicante are recognized as solar and open people. That’s why learning Spanish in Alicante is an optimal choice; the university campus receives over 30000 students a year.

What makes Alicante so popular are the beaches (blue flag of quality), the blue and clear sea, the hundreds of palm trees along the full area of the city and the historical and artistic heritage. You can also find many parks and gardens, enjoy sports activities or have shopping in the modern shopping malls. It also has a modern airport not far from the center.

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