Under no circumstances will ELCANO SCHOOL S.L. reimburse the reservation fee, which corresponds to administrative costs. The remaining part will be refunded, provided that the student informs about the cancellation at least 21 calendar days before the start of the contracted services. If the cancellation is not made within the estimated deadlines, the student will lose the right to a refund. To request cancellation, please send an email to info@escuela-elcano.com with the student’s enrolment details.
There are no reductions in the course or accommodation prices to start or finish in the middle of the week or for local or national holidays when there is no class. The student should review the school calendar with holiday information found on the school’s website www.escuela-elcano.com.

Once enrolled in our school and accepting the terms and conditions of the same, if there is the case that at the time of starting the course the student does not adapt to the minimum level required within the group, ELCANO SCHOOL S.L. will offer an alternative course or private classes. The number of private lessons may be less than the number of lessons in the booked group. If the student does not wish to accept the options proposed by the school, the amount will be refunded minus the part corresponding to the reservation.
In the case of students who have also contracted accommodation, the accommodation will be cancelled and the full amount will be refunded minus the reservation fee of the accommodation (250,00€).

Cancellations or modifications during the course of the programme.

No refunds are given once the course has started for any reason. It is not possible to stop classes during the programme or to change the programme once the course has started.

Students with visa see section Do I need a visa and what are the conditions?