Group classes: The groups in Intensive Spanish courses for adults are from 3 to 12 students, the rest of the intensive groups for teenagers (Summer camp), can be formed from 4 to 15 students. In the exceptional case that there are less than 3 students at a given level, ELCANO SCHOOL S.L. has the right to offer the student the right to change the date of the programme or the right to change the group course for a personalised programme covering the same teaching hours in different modalities.

The schedule of Spanish classes is divided into three possible blocks, but the school cannot guarantee a specific schedule.
This depends on various circumstances such as the courses being run at that time, the number of students, the level, the type of course, etc. Timetables will not be available until 7 calendar days before the start of the course. As a general rule, ELCANO SCHOOL S.L. will send an e-mail with all the information about the course on the Thursday or Friday before the course starts. Intensive course classes are held from Monday to Friday and students will start their course every Monday. For other language courses, please consult the school’s annual calendar.