All students who hire accommodation in a shared apartment have to respect the following rules and conditions.

    1. The student will be responsible for any breakages and damages that may be caused by negligence or intentionally. If there is damage and none of the people of the appartment is responsible, the cost of the repair will be divided among all the students of the apartment.
    2. On the day of the collection of the keys, the student will have to pay 50€ as a deposit, which will be refunded at the end of your stay, and 25€ as a final cleaning, which will be done once the student leaves his accommodation. In any case, the student will have to respect the weekly cleaning rules established by the apartment and the flatmates.
    3. Garbage has to be taken out every afternoon to prevent unexpected friends (ants/cockroaches,.).
    4. In case the tenant/housekeeper of the cleaning week does not want to clean, a cleaning person will be called. The cost will be borne by the same tenant (20€ minimum service).
    5. Each tenant needs to clean the kitchen after use.
    6. In case of serious disciplinary failure, repeated bad behavior, the student may be expelled from the accommodation losing all the right to return.
    7. If the damage was caused by third parties all expenses will be charged to the student who will lose all right to claim.
    8. Abandonment of accommodation in poor conditions will be punished with the minimum amount of the deposit.