Grove of palms

Grove of palms


A grove of palms is a place where you can find a giant amount of trees stemed from the family of palmtrees, with a raw trunk and different fruits like dates (Elche), coconuts etc. The groves of palms appear mainly in warm climate zones, are originally from Asia and Africa and can grow until 30 meters high. 4

Elche (Alicante) is a province with the biggest grove of palms in Europe. In 2002 this grove of palms was declared by the UNESCO to one of the World Heritages. The wide and beautiful beaches of Alicante are not the only thing that stands out but the groves of palms are perfect for long walks during hot days in summer. The palmstrees reminds you of parasols and protecting you from the strong insolation…so could it be that the palmtrees were the inspiration of inventing parasols?

Except of the grove of palms in Elche there are a lot more of palmtree forests in the entire province of Alicante. This area of Spain is well-known for its breathtaking and hugh oases of palmtrees. Would you like to enjoy a great weather with amazing views? So Alicante is the perfect place for you!

The grove of palms in Elche is located in the centre of the city. With believe it or not 200.000 palmtrees!!! Just imagine how would it be when you maunder between the hugh amount of palmtrees, enjoy the green nature and the protecting shades of the palmtrees!

Do you like the idea? So why don´t you come to our school in order to enjoy a lovely day under palmtrees together? We are already waiting for you!

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