Hogueras 2018 Alicante
alicante hogueras 2018

Hogueras 2018 Alicante


Summer is coming and these days, as the heat becomes more intense, the festivals begin in different cities of Spain. Speaking of festivals, one can not stop talking about the most important event expected by our beloved city of Alicante, or the Bonfires of the night of San Giovanni (the Bonfires of Saint John).

Hogueras 2018

The festival takes place every year from June 19 to 24. Here art, music and fireworks blend with tradition and shows and joy can be felt everywhere. At the Elcano Spanish School, we believe that these holidays are the perfect opportunity to learn Spanish in Alicante without giving up the fun!

The fires of San Juan are spectacular and gigantic figures, made of wood and cardboard, which are installed throughout the city and burned on June 24 (night of San Juan). In front of several thousand astonished spectators, the artistic work of a whole year burns in a few minutes to commemorate the summer solstice.

The first references to the Bonfires of San Juan de Alicante date back to 1881 when farmers celebrated the longest day of the year with fire. It symbolized the destruction of everything that represented evil for their crops. The celebration of the party encountered several obstacles at the beginning due to the consistory, until in 1928 José María Py managed to highlight the potential tourist character that the event could have had. Since that year, they have taken root in the culture and tradition of Alicante, becoming an event known and appreciated around the world.

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Las Mascletás

mascleta hogueras 2018The Mascletás is a sound show produced by the so-called “masclet”, firecrackers, with great power that causes a noisy and rhythmic composition. The attraction, which takes place in the Plaza de Los Luceros, lasts more than 6 minutes and usually starts at 2 p.m. m. in the afternoon between June 18 and 24, as well as the weekends before the event in June. We recommend you arrive at the square a little earlier to be able to find a good place and fully enjoy the show!


La Plantá

plantà hoguerasAt 12 o’clock on the night of June 20 (the party officially begins this day) bonfires are placed, one for each district of Alicante, which will be presented to the competition according to its category. The next day, a jury evaluates the different bonfires and chooses the winner.




Ofrenda de flores a la Virgen del Remedio

The festive-religious act is the oldest floral offering in Spain. The inhabitants of Alicante offer flowers to the patron saint of Alicante, the Virgen del Remedio. Currently, it takes place on June 21 and 22.

Desfile Folclórico Internacional

On June 23, the streets of Alicante are filled with colors and traditional music, and thousands of people rush to the center to enjoy the international folkloric parade of the bonfires of Alicante. The variety of regional homes that blend with the multiculturalism of Alicante has meant that the event has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.

La Cremà

On the night of June 24, the bonfires officially end with the act known as the cremà. At 24 o’clock in the Castle of Santa Bárbara, on the top of Mount Benacantil, a large palm of fireworks is exploited to celebrate the end of the festival.

Museo de Hogueras

Visit the Museum of Bonfires to discover all the curiosities of the craziest party in Alicante.

Los fuegos artificiales

Between the 25th and the 29th of June, the sky of Alicante is dyed with fireworks. The show has a minimum duration of eighteen uninterrupted minutes. The fires are launched orienting them towards the sea.

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