The following are some of the basic rules of coexistence which must be followed at all times and which the students have accepted when enrolling in our study programme. We want you to live a unique experience during your stay in Alicante:

General rules

  1. Do not make unnecessary noise (knocking on doors, shouting or running around the residence) respect the rest times of the other guests. Quietness and rest are requested after 23:00.
  2. Remember to turn off lights, fans or other electronic devices when not in use. It is important to use toilets
  3. In case you share a room, it is essential to leave the bathroom UNATTACHED, remember that another person will enter after
  4. It is recommended to leave electronic devices (mobile phone chargers, tablets, toothbrush, etc.) unplugged when not in


  1. Showers: remember that Alicante is a city with minimal rainfall so try to be responsible with the use of water. We recommend 1 light shower a day and no later than 23:00.
  2. If you share a room, it is recommended that you make up, dress and groom yourself in the room to allow other roommates to use the bathroom if necessary.

Spanish customs

Timetables in Spain may differ from those in the country of origin: please respect and adapt to the lunch/dinner times in your country. The student is obliged to attend meals without the prior express authorisation of the organisation. In case the student does not show up. Estimated times in Spain could be:

  • Breakfast*: 7.30 – 9.00 m.
  • Lunch: 13.00 – 30
  • Dinner: 20.00 – 30

The meals are prepared according to Spanish customs and culture, for this reason the student needs to understand that the meals are not the same as those prepared in their country of origin and must be

Cleanliness and tidiness

  1. It is necessary to maintain a minimum level of order and cleanliness both in your own room and in the rest of the common
  2. It is advisable not to bring and consume food in the rooms to avoid insects or dirt.