Learn Spanish in the best cities in Spain.

Languages, in addition to helping you communicate with others, make you learn their cultures and open yourself to the global world. If you want to learn Spanish, Spanish courses in Spain are a great choice to start or improve your language skills, while you live and practice with native people… Always accompanied by light, excellent temperatures and the friendly and welcoming treatment of its locals! Spain is the most popular destination amongSpanish students.

Which city should you choose?

Spain is a very diverse country where you can discover charming and very different environments, numerous regions with their own culture united by a common language, Spanish.

From Mediterranean cities, where temperatures are mild throughout the year and with beautiful beaches we can find our Spanish schools located in Valencia, Alicanteor Málaga. On the other hand, you can choose other major cities such as Madrid, capital of Spain or Granada, a UNESCO world heritage city where our schools receive hundreds of international students every year.

This will be a preview of what you can discover in the Iberian Peninsula to be able to start or learn Spanish effectively. You will also have the opportunity to visit other idyllic enclaves, with incredible traditions, beautiful landscapes and great historical monuments adapted to all kinds of tastes.

In which of these cities would you like to start your adventure with the Spanish language?

Our pedagogical counselors are ready to answer all your questions and doubts.

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More popular destinations in Spain

Here arethe most popular destinations to learn Spanish in Spain and where the best Spanish schools are located. In our language centres, you can take all kinds of Spanish courses for foreigners. Below there is a summary about our Spanish schools in Spain.


The Spanish school in Alicante is located in the city center, surrounded by shops, the old town and a few minutes from the sea. Welcome to the city of LIGHT!. In this Spanish academy for foreigners, you will have access to all kinds of long-term Spanish courses, Spanish programs for groups, work internships, Spanish courses for DELE exams, courses for Erasmus, Spanish programs for seniors, Spanish for business, summer camp… among others. We also receive several groups during the year specialized in Arabic Spanish coursesand Russian Spanish courses.


Our Spanish school is located in the best area of Madrid a few meters from Plaza de España and Gran Via. Being the longest-running school accredited by Instituto Cervantes, it develops Spanish courses as a foreign language offering a wide range of opportunities to make your experience while studying in the capital of Spain. We will offer you a wide variety of advanced Spanish courses, summer university courses, special literacy programs where there are Spanish courses for Chinese and Spanish courses for Arabic. It also hosts DELE, SIELE and CCSE exams supervised by the Instituto Cervantes.


The Academy of Hispanic Studies located in Granada is a center specialized in immersion courses. It is located a few minutes from one of the great wonders of the world, LA ALHAMBRA. We offer summer courses for young people and Spanish programs all-inclusive. In our Spanish school in Granadayou can also choose other special courses for Arabic, Spanish courses for Russians, advanced Spanish courses and online Spanish course among others.


The Spanish school in Málagaoffers an interesting alternative for those looking to improve their Spanish while visiting more than just spectacular beaches. Very close to these beaches are our two venues where Spanish courses are taught in Malaga. We are experts in Spanish courses for immigrants, Spanish courses for foreigners from Instituto Cervantes, SIELE and DELE exams, senior Spanish courses or over 50, Spanish programs for young people all inclusive. All this and more seasoned with the Andalusian spirit. ¡Olé!


Spanish courses in Valencia are at our most joyful academy in the Mediterranean city. It is a lively city, with a mixture of cultures, Mediterranean gastronomy and ancestral festivals such as the Fallas.

The architecture mixes between the modern and the old, you can find on one side medieval towers and on the other side avant-garde or futuristic buildings. Our Spanish Academy in Valencia offers alll Inclusive Youth Program, Business Spanish, Long Term Spanish Courses, Summer Courses, Erasmus+. They also prepare training for teachers and access to the Spanish University.

In each of these destinations, you will be received in a loving and professional way by our team, rigorously complying with the Spanish teaching programs established and proposed in our offer.

All Spanish language schools are recognized and accredited by the Instituto Cervantes among other Spanish school federations. We fulfill all the measures established by the health authorities to fight against COVID19, Together, we can!

Spanish, a language of the future?

Knowing, speaking, writing, and understanding in a different language is something that should be on our priority list, so you’ll expand your future possibilities, both personally and professionally.

Spanish as a language, is a living and growing language, being currently one of the languages that has more projection worldwide. What is it about? Many media argue that the way of life of Spaniards, customs, history and culture, arouse the interest of other regions that see in us an enviable model of life.

In addition, another very important factor in our lives is entertainment and more and more famous Latino characters or Spanish-speaking series. Music with lyrics in Spanish is also a trend, being the first in the world charts. The data indicate that it is now an official language in 21 countries and is spoken by more than 580 million people worldwide and is expected to be spoken by more than 755 million people by 2050.

Are you still wondering if Spanish is a future language?

If you want to start or improve your Spanish language consult our Spanish courses .

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