Spanish proverbs

Spanish proverbs

There is a custom, which has existed since we were children, to listen proverbs here in Spain. They are frequently repeated and they are being changed regarding the situation. There is huge amount of the variety. That were created long time ago. Today we are going to show you the different parts of our culture and customs and you will be able to read about the most popular of them.

1 – Turn a deaf ear to foolish comments

This saying refers to a fact that it is not necessary to talk with a person who is saying only lies or gossips in order to hurt us. It is better to just ignore and forget about this type of people! Nobody can judge you! 1

Never change the way you are because of the others. 





2 – When the duties are fulfilled, the rest is pleasure.

Do you not feel better after finishing all duties you had had to do and having some free time afterwards? This phrase wants to say that the duties and obligations are the main priority and then you have a great day in front of you where you can enjoy it as much as you want.




3 – Never look a gift horse in the mouth3

This is one of the proverbs, which we use daily when we are referring to the situation when someone gives us a gift, which we may not like so much but we should not criticise or complain about that as it could make the person feel bad. Even a little something always counts! Doesn’t it?





4- De tal palo, tal astilla.

Like father like son/like mother like daughter.

Has it happened to you that your friend introduced you to his parent and you were surprised how your friend bears resemblance to him or her? Therefore, it means that we want to say that there is a big similarity regarding the appearance and the behaviour between parent and his child.


5- El que ríe el último, ríe mejor.


He who has the last laugh, laughs the best.

This proverb says that it is not good to celebrate a victory when it is not done 100% or when something else could happen, which would change everything. Moreover, we also used to say it in a sarcastic way to someone who has been competing with you. If you laugh at me to make me insecure, soon I will laugh at you because your downfall will be even funnier than mine was. What an attitude!






Now…After starting being familiar with those proverbs, share with us on our Facebook, something typical for your country! Do you know about the ones above? Also tell us if you know about other ones, which are different!

The video can explain it even better:

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