Immerse yourself in the Spanish language

The Juan Sebastián Elcano school has been developing language immersion programs for international school groups that visit Alicante every year.
Since more than 10 years we count on our experience in welcoming groups of students from many nationalities who study spanish. In our programs we improve both the study and the experience. We want our students to learn Spanish but at the same time to live great moments and to get in touch with the Spanish culture. we promote activities, meetings and staying in host family to make our students feel the real Spanish spirit. Doing this, we share the language and the culture with people from all around the world. Every group of students is different but they all share the idea that the experience in our school was super positive, thanks to the moments that we share, the culture and the languages. It doesn’t matter if it is a long or a short stay, what matters is that we live them intensively
and we can’t wait to welcome our groups and make them feel better in every experience.
We love teaching Spanish in Alicante.

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