Registration and payments

How do you enroll?2021-02-18T14:55:25+00:00

In order to register, the student/student must fill out the online or written registration form, providing the true and rigorous personal information in their registration. The minimum age to participate in our group adult programs is 17. The personalized programs, individual classes, and school programs can be adapted for all ages.

How to register and make the payment?

To formalize the enrolment, the student needs to make the total payment or the payment of the reservation of services with the following amounts:

  • Group course booking(Intensive course, Semi – Intensive, Group coursesonline): 100€
  • Private classes: 100€
  • Group course/private classes + accommodation booking: 200€

What are the payment methods?

Payment methods:

    1. BANKTRANSFER: possibility to make TOTAL PAYMENT or 2 INSTALLMENTS (reservation + remaining amount no later than 3 weeks before starting the course).For thetransferto be confirmed, the student will have to send a bank voucher and the school will not be responsible for transactional commissions:

Bank account:
IBAN: ​ ES37 0081 4234 1800 0192 0698
Subject: Student name

    1. IN-SCHOOL PAYMENT BY CARD OR CASH(possibility of making TOTAL PAYMENT or in 2 INSTALMENTS (reservation + remaining amount). Payments with Visa, MasterCard and American Express and debit cards are accepted. Visa and MasterCard cards are subject to 2% bank commission and American Express cards to 4% bank commission which will be applied to the amount of the tuition payment.
Can I modify or cancel the reservation?2021-02-18T14:54:37+00:00

In no case will the amount of the cost of the reservation, which corresponds to administrative expenses, be refunded. The remaining part will be returned, provided the student reports the cancellation a minimum of 3 weeks before the start of the course (calendar days). If the cancellation is not made within the estimated time, the student will lose the right to a refund. To request cancellation it is necessary to send an email to info@escuela-elcano.comwriting the registration data of the student

There are no reductions in the course or accommodation prices to start or finish in the middle of the week or for local or national holidays when there is no class. The student should review the calendar with the holiday information you will find on the school’s websiteinfo@escuela-elcano.com.

Once enrolled in our school and accepted the terms and conditions of it, if there is the case that at the time of beginning the course the student does not adapt to the minimum level required within the group, an alternative course or private classes will be offered. The number of private lessons may be lower than those of the reserved group course. If the student does not want to accept the options offered by the school, the amount will be refunded but the part corresponding to the reservation (100€).

In the event that the student has contracted accommodation, the cancellation will be made and the total amount will be refunded but the reservation part of the accommodation (100€).

No refunds are made once the course has started.

In general, it is not possible to shut down classes during the program without the school accepting it. The request has to be made through info@escuela-elcano.com

Students with visa see section Do I need a visa and what are the conditions?

Other services


The Elcano School adapts all precautionary measures by covid-19 so that all our students are in a safe and comfortable environment during the learning of the Spanish language

  • Before entering school, it shall be compulsory: disinfect the soles of the shoes, disinfect the hands and wear the mask.
  • Compulsory use of mask.
  • Use of hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Do not share: pen, scissors, materials, etc.
  • All study materials will be provided via telematic, no copies and prints will be made.
Do I need travel insurance?2021-02-18T14:52:32+00:00

Elcano has liability insurance in its facilities. Students are not covered for any contingency, illness, theft, or loss of personnel, either in their accommodation or outside or within the classrooms of the center and work areas. This is why the student is responsible for making travel insurance in your country that includes:

    • Personal health insurance and sickness abroad.
    • Accident Insurance.
    • Liability insurance in case you hire the Internship Program

Courses and Accommodation

Is it important to take the level test?2021-02-18T14:55:12+00:00

All students who already have knowledge of Spanish agree to take a level test at least one week before the start of the course and without any help. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the correct distribution by level/group. Students will receive information about their level and schedule as soon as possible at the start of the program.

What are the conditions for group courses?2021-02-18T14:54:20+00:00

The group courses (Intensive courses, Semi courses – Intensive courses, and online group courses) consist of 3 to 10 students. In the exceptional case where fewer than three students attend a given level, the school reserves the right to change the group course to a private tuition program. If this happens, the hours of the classes will be reduced to 50% (example: Intensive 15h/week to an individual or with partner lessons of 7.5h/weekly). In any case, the same contents will be covered during the course since the smaller groups in number of students allow to treat the same contents in less time.

The summer camps consist of 4 to 15 students. In case the number of participants is smaller, the school reserves the right to make changes in schedules and in the duration of the classes. In any case, the same contents will be covered during the course since the smaller groups in number of students allow to treat the same contents in less time.

The schedule of Spanish classes is divided into three possible blocks, but the school cannot guarantee a specific schedule. This depends on various circumstances such as the courses being run at that time, the number of students, the level, the type of course, etc. Schedules are not available until the week before the start of the course. Intensive classes are held from Monday to Friday. Students will start their course every Monday. For other language courses, consult the school annual calendar

What are the conditions for private classes or with partner classes (in person, online, or at home)?2021-02-22T14:28:13+00:00

Private lessons and with partner lessons are 60 min. The price includes both the tuition fee and the use of materials during the classes prepared by the teacher. The registration fee does not include books that are optional and can be purchased separately.

The number of private lessons must be paid before each lesson or pay bonuses of 15 or 20 classes which will be valid for 6 months from the first class. They are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another person.

Class reservations must be made with a minimum of 48h and always according to the availability of the center. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If the student does not notify the school of the cancellation of the class by email to info@escuela-elcano.com or he/she does not attend, the class will not be retrievable and no refund will be made.

When does the school close? – Public holidays2021-02-18T14:53:53+00:00

The school will be closed for Christmas holidays from December 21 to January 6 (both included).


The national and local holidays, which are indicated in the school calendar, should also be added. These days will partially recover when they affect intensive Spanish courses. Consult on the website. This recovery does not apply to other types of courses.

Can I get the certificate?2021-02-18T14:53:35+00:00

Yes, each student is entitled to the certificate, as long as they have passed the minimum attendance of 80%. Unjustified non-attendance will not be recoverable.

What are the standards and conditions for apartment sharing?2021-02-18T14:53:16+00:00

All students who hire accommodation in a shared apartment have to respect the following rules and conditions.

    1. The student will be responsible for any breakages and damages that may be caused by negligence or intentionally. If there is damage and none of the people of the appartment is responsible, the cost of the repair will be divided among all the students of the apartment.
    2. On the day of the collection of the keys, the student will have to pay 50€ as a deposit, which will be refunded at the end of your stay, and 25€ as a final cleaning, which will be done once the student leaves his accommodation. In any case, the student will have to respect the weekly cleaning rules established by the apartment and the flatmates.
    3. Garbage has to be taken out every afternoon to prevent unexpected friends (ants/cockroaches,.).
    4. In case the tenant/housekeeper of the cleaning week does not want to clean, a cleaning person will be called. The cost will be borne by the same tenant (20€ minimum service).
    5. Each tenant needs to clean the kitchen after use.
    6. In case of serious disciplinary failure, repeated bad behavior, the student may be expelled from the accommodation losing all the right to return.
    7. If the damage was caused by third parties all expenses will be charged to the student who will lose all right to claim.
    8. Abandonment of accommodation in poor conditions will be punished with the minimum amount of the deposit.
What are the rules and conditions of accommodation in a host family?2021-02-18T14:53:00+00:00

All students who hire accommodation with a host family must comply with the following rules and conditions:

  • Do not make noise (slamming doors, shouting)
  • Peace and quiet are requested after 23:00.
  • Showers: it is recommended 1 shower per day and late-night (until 23:00).
  • Washing machine: 1 washing service/week is available.
  • You must respect and conform to the family lunch/dinner times. In case you do not want to participate, you need to tell the host family in advance. See schedule

Lunch14:00 – 14:30
Dinner20:30 – 21:00

  • Meals are prepared according to Spanish customs, for this reason, the student needs to understand that the meals are not the same that are prepared in their country of origin. Breakfast includes: cereal, milk/coffee/tea, butter toast, jam, cheese or croissant, and muffins.
  • The kitchen space is reserved only for the mother/father of the family. Students cannot use the appliances without permission from the host family.
  • You cannot take food/drink without asking the family.

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