Our love for travelling, languages and meeting people from all over the world inspired us to create the Elcano Spanish School in Alicante. From the first day we started teaching Spanish, we were clear that we wanted to bring our Spanish programs to all corners of the world and grow as a Hispanic community.

The staff of the Elcano Alicante Spanish School is created by experts in the teaching of Spanish ELE( SPANISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE). We are friendly and empathetic professionals who work so you can learn everything about our language, culture, customs and experiences… everything that interests you. We are enterprising and active using all learning dynamics. The skills achieved during our journey, makes everything easier for the student and is reflected in the high percentage of students who pass official DELE exams (Diploma Español como lengua extranjera) at the Instituto Cervantes.

The smile and joy in our Spanish school make your lessons enjoyable yet effective. The light and life offered by our environment and the different options offered by the school throughout the school calendar will make this the experience of your life.

You will be trained in the Spanish language in a close and familiar context, where the day passes in a peaceful way while the good atmosphere and streets adorned with terraces and modern restaurants sprout at night. The beach of Postiguet is located a few minutes from the school and the mountain is easily accessible, within reach of everyone throughout the year.


Elcano Spanish School in Alicante is located in the heart of Alicante and it offers a wide range of language courses, especially Spanish for foreigners.

Every year we receive more than 500 studentsof different nationalities who enroll in our Spanish courses and programs for foreigners which are held throughout the year.

Establishing evaluation criteria, through our online or face-to-face tests we place each student at their level and make students progress by acquiring all the necessary language skills step by step.

Many of the Spanish programs are created following the methodology of the Instituto Cervantes and taught by our team of teachers with an extensive career in teaching Spanish and specific training in ELE (Spanish as a foreign language).

Specialized in Spanish courses for immigrants we encourage students to approach the beginnings of teaching the Spanish language and culture. We also collaborate with different associations and NGOs that receive people without resources or refugees who see in Spanish a way out with future and prosperity.

Thanks to the work of our team of teachers, we create our own materials based on current needs and use extensive means that allow us to constantly innovate.

As additional services Elcano school offers accommodationfor those who need it,internships in companies for those looking for an initial experience in the Spanish labour market,cultural activities, language workshops, excursions and airport transfer service.

Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish? Contact us now, we will kindly help you. Maria, our pedagogical advisor at the Elcano Spanish School in Alicante, will do an individualized study so you can safely compare and start a Spanish program.

The journey starts whenever you want to

“El misterio de la vida no es un problema a resolver, sino una realidad a experimentar”

Duna, Frank Herbert

Collaborators and accreditations

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean..”-Ryunosuke Satoro.

From its beginning in 2010, Elcano Spanish School in Alicante has been collaborating with several agencies.

Our organization follows a line of cooperation with both public and private institutions, national and international which have given us the possibility to share knowledge, improvements and common projects during our career.

The Elcano School is accredited and collaborates with different associations and federations of language teaching centres in Spain, so all our courses are supervised guaranteeing quality in their services.

In addition, our centre has been a beneficiary of the European Development Fund which aims to improve the use and quality of information and communication technologies.

Thanks to these projects, we have developed market studies, benchmarking, foresight, consumer behaviour and market needs detection.

To this end, we have had the support of the Tourism Competitiveness Programme of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

Among other badges, the school has the accreditation of “Tourism Quality Commitment” which recognizes our organization and compliance with the requirements in the methodology established by the State Secretariat of Tourism (SET).