Visa to study Spanish in Alicante

You can apply for a study visa in Spain that allows you to enjoy a Spanish training program for foreigners in Alicante.
Para ello necesitarás preinscribirte en un centro docente público o privado en España. Once you get acceptance in one of these institutions you will receive a certificate or letter of acceptance which you will have to present at consular stays.


En Escuela de Español Elcano Alicante te ayudamos con tu visado para estudiar español en Alicante

Spanish students who come from countries that are not in the EU or the EEA (European Economic Area) including Switzerland and want to start or extend their studies in Spain for more than 3 months, need to apply for a study visa. It is also valid for relatives of the student as long as it is contemplated in the application.

Depending on the Spanish course for foreigners you are applying for and the duration of the course, you can select from the following options:

  • Short-term student visa for those foreign students who participate in a study program between 3 and 6 months.
  • Long-term student visa for those foreign students who participate in a study program longer than 6 months.

Studies or Spanish programs under 3 months do not require a study visa but a tourist visa would be enough to stay regularly in the country.
Please note that the courses are face-to-face and must be attended:

The study visathat enables the foreign Spanish student to stay in Spain must submit an application through the nearest Spanish embassy or consulatesin the applicant’s country of origin. After the last change in the law in the area of foreigners, right now you can also apply for this visa from Spain if you are already in Spanish territory with a tourist visa or if you are generally in a legal situation, You can apply at the police station or at the Foreign affairs office where you are studying.
In this case, the application must take place within 90 days before the start of your studies in Spain and not less than 30 days before.

It is very important to calculate and not exceed the estimated time, which is why we recommend you a specialist advisor on foreigners.

The first step before enrolling in any Spanish course for foreigners is to confirm at the Embassy or Consulate of Spain the current conditions for obtaining a student visa in Spain as they may vary depending on the country. In addition, the difficult situation caused by the pandemic caused by COVID, taking into account the current pandemic situation. This information is important to start the procedure.

Once this information is confirmed, you must meet at least these requirements:

  • To be accepted in a public or private accredited Spanish center where you can do the training in a face-to-face and mandatory minimum of 20 hours a week.
  • To have private or public health insurance with full coverage in Spain
  • To have a criminal record cleared of charges
  • To have sufficient financial resources to cover the costs.

*We recommend legal advice to carry out these efforts.

The student is directly responsible at all times for the visa application process.

The Elcano Spanish School in Alicante is in no case responsible for visa refusal.

If the student cannot attend the Spanish program because of a visa denial, he or she must send the official document of refusal to the school obtained by consular bodies, with its date, signed and stamped, in which the student’s data is clearly reflected, your passport number and the visa applied for.

For the refund of the total cost of tuition, it is essential to communicate by email or writing to Elcano Spanish School the cancellation of the course with the reasons by adding the refusal document at least 3 weeks before the start date of the course. In this case, the Elcano Spanish School will refund the total amount of the tuition but 150€ of fees, 50€ if you have booked accommodation for administration expenses, bank fees, telephone calls, etc… If the cancellation is received within a shorter period, no refund will be made.
Review our terms and conditions.


  • 1- Sign up for one of our intensive Spanish courses( minimun 20 per week).

  • 2- The school will confirm through email your details, the duration of the program, and the course selected.

  • 3- You will have to make the deposit by bank transfer, to the school’s account for the total registration fee of the selected Spanish program.

  • 4- Once the payment of the registration has been confirmed, the school sends by email the letter of acceptance in the Spanish course and the invoice corresponding to the service provided.

These papers may be presented in consular stays along with the rest of the documents to apply for the study visa.

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