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1. 'Where _______.' 'She´s from London.'
2. 'What _______.' 'Watching television.'
3. Rob ________ the guitar very well.
4. What time ________ in the morning?
5. ________ a good holiday in America?
6. The taxi ________.
7. Sue went to Canada _______.
8. ________ school in 2004
9. There´s a good film on TV tonight. ________ .
10. Are you going shopping now? No, but ________ later.
11. I ________ get up early on Saturdays.
12. We missed the last bus so we ________ walk home.
13. What time ________ go shopping this evening?
14. ________ anything in the house to eat. I´m going shopping.
15. 'Do you agree with me?' 'Yes, ________.
16. Don´t forget to send me a post card, ________?
17. I haven´t passed my driving test. ________
18. I´ve been to Australia, but I ________ to New Zealand.
19. Why ________ going to the party?
20. ________ is the capital of the USA?
21. Rob _______ me he was ill.
22. Would you like ________ tonight?
23. I really ________ to music.
24. I went to the supermarket ________ some coffee.
25. He ________ a stupid mistake and failed his driving test.
26. Have you seen my car keys? I can´t find ________ anywhere
27. ________ dog is called Ruby.
28. Kate and I don´t see _________ very often
29. Is this your ________ car?
30. Did you have ________ on holiday?
31. Do you think David Beckham is ________ English football player?
32. These jeans are very old. I need to buy ________.
33. People think it rains ________ the time in England
34. There were ________ seats left on the plane and we got the last two
35. Did your team play ________?
36. 'Is it much ________ to the airport?' 'No, about two miles.'
37. Nina is two years ________
38. My car was ________ Peter´s
39. Is Tokyo ________ city in the world?
40. Kim ________ to buy the new dress she wants.
41. Sam speaks _______
42. I ________ in the evenings
43. I´ve been waiting for 30 minutes and the bus hasn´t arrived ________.
44. I want to ________ a really nice birthday present.
45. They have lived in Canada ________ 1994
46. We stayed ________ my sister´s house in Oxford.
47. A lot of small children are ________ spiders.
48. Jonh ________ and hurt his leg
49. It was very cold ________ all the windows were open.
50. We ________ the plane if we don´t leave now

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